Draymond Green Should Be Suspended For the Rest of Series Against OKC

Draymond Green has gone from one of the league’s most exciting and versatile players to one of the NBA’s dirtiest offenders in a span of just a few days. Green has now had consecutive games where he has made questionable contact with the groin area of 22-year-old Steven Adams, the 7-footer currently starting at center for the Oklahoma City Thunder. In a cringeworthy postgame interview, Green alluded to the “unintentional” Bruce Lee-like kick he made to the midsection of Adams as a natural reaction to getting smacked on the left arm. He goes as far as saying half-heartedly that his intention is not to cause irreparable damages to the twenty-two-year old’s male reproductive system. The interview, along with the video can be seen below. Take a good look at both videos and then be your own judge.

Post Game Interview: